Ordering Questions

Which is the best package to choose?

Generally this really depends on the competition in your niche and the keywords you are targeting. The more expensive packages will generally bring quicker results and help you tackle more difficult keywords. The cheaper packages should really just be used for industries with low competition. We are happy to give some advice were we can.

What is the TAT?

The Turn Around Time will be 14-21 business days (Excluding Weekends). This can be shorter and we generally strive to complete orders within 14 days

Do you offer sites with specific metrics ?

We do not promise any sort of metrics when it comes to TF, Traffic, DA or any other metrics. The only thing we guarantee is that the domains will have at least 100+ links to them. While most will have strong metrics in other areas (like TF), we cannot guarantee these metrics will be above a certain level.

Can I see a list of sites to choose from?

We don’t give out our site list for obvious reasons. It’s our bread and butter and we have spent a lot of time an money putting it together.

Do you provide a report?

We will provide a report showing the page your link has been added to, including the url and anchor text.

How long does it take my links to Index?

Generally these pages/posts will already be indexed in Google and recieving traffic. We do however force the bots back onto the pages to get them re-indexed and re-cached.

Do you offer refunds?

In the case that we cannot fulfil your order, we will refund your payment. All refund requests are dealt with on a case by case bases.

Other Questions

Do you own the websites?

No we don’t on any of the sites. They are all 100% real websites, owned by a real person,with REAL content and REAL traffic.

How many sites do you have access to?

We have just over 40 000 sites in various niches in our inventory. We are always expanding our inventory every day.

How many keywords and URLS are allowed?

One URL and anchor per link purchased

What content is used?

All our links are placed on existing contextually relevant pages and posts.

Can we submit content with our order?

Unfortunately not.

What about sites getting de-indexed?

We have yet to ever have a link placed on a site that has got deindexed. As previously mentioned, these site are all REAL sites with REAL people that run them on a daily bases and all getting REAL traffic to them. If it ever did happen we would replace your link.

What if I have other questions?

We are happy to answer any other questions you may have. Please drop us a message on our contact us page and we will be happy to help.

Do you have a link Guarantee

Yes, we will replace any link dropped or lost, for 3 months after your orders was placed